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EGKA Southern Area Championships 2013


We look forward to welcoming you to one of the three EGKA Regional Goju-Ryu Karate Competitions running in Bournemouth, London and Liverpool during April 2013. Winners of the regional competitions automatically qualify to enter the National Competition in Stratford on 19th May 2013.

Bournemouth Sunday 14th April

  London Sunday 28th April

Entry Fees:

We have kept the competition entry fee down to the same as last year: £20.00

Individual Entry Forms:

Entry to the competition will be co-ordinated through your local Dojo. Individual students wishing to enter one of the regional competitions should complete the following entry form and hand it in to their own instructor for processing as soon as possible:

Individual Competitor’s Entry Form (for internal dojo use only)

Dojo Group Application Forms - to be completed by each dojo

Instructors should download and complete one of the following dojo application forms and submit it to designated regional co-ordinator by the stated closing date:

Southern Dojo Group Entry Form (Regional Co-ordinator: Ralph Elliott-King, Closing date: 9th April 2013. Sensei Gary Excel will manage the event on the day.)

London Dojo Group Entry Form (Regional Co-ordinator: Sensei Linda Marchant, Closing date: 16th April 2013)

Northern Dojo Group Entry Form (Regional Co-ordinator: Sensei Mike Smith Closing date: 16th April 2013)

Competition Classes:

The competition days in each region will be run under identical rules and classes. This will mean the winners of each regional class can go forward to compete in the same class in the Stratford National Competition in the following month.

Southern Venue: Bournemouth

Littledown Sports Centre                     Chaseside,                     Bournemouth,                     BH7 7DX Tel: 01202 417600

London Venue:

Chessington Sports Centre                     Garrison Lane                     Chessington, KT9 2JS

Northern Venue: Woodchurch, Wirral

12 Quays Woodchurch                     Woodchurch High School Sports Complex                     Carr Bridge Road                     Woodchurch                     Wirral, CH49 7NG

Sunday Programme:

09:30 Adult competition

11:30 Junior & cadet individual and team kata competitions   

13:30 Lunch break           

14:00 Junior and cadet kumite competitions           

 17:00 Close

These times are a guide only and may change during the day. Prize giving ceremonies will be carried out immediately after each competition is decided.

Please make sure you have a current EGKA membership

All competitors must ensure their EGKA membership is up to date when they enter, and also remains in force at least up to the day of the competition. Your dojo sensei will check your membership status when you give them your entry form. The EGKA will also check membership status of all winners and other entrants on a random basis during the day of the competition. Anyone found without a current membership will not be able to continue in the competition and will lose any trophies they may have won. Entry fees will not be refunded. If you have not already created your online membership record, please do so now by clicking here.

Competition Rules

• The competition is only open to EGKA members with current membership.
• For legal and insurance reasons, all competitors must have a current membership record on the EGKA online database. If you have not already created your membership record, please do so by clicking here. All winners will be subjected to checks on the day, and they will loose their award if their EGKA membership is not properly in force at that time.
• Competitors can enter any one, two or all three of the kata, kumite or team kata competitions being run at any of the three regional event.
• Competitors from one region are encouraged to enter into one of the other two possible regional competitions as well as their own. Unfortunately, the organisers of the London and Northern competitions could only find suitable venues available on the same day this year.
• Individuals winning the first four places of each class will automatically qualify to enter the same class at the National competition. If a person from outside the region wins one of those qualifying places, then next highest scoring local competitor will qualify as well.
• Winning a place in the regional competition only qualifies that person to compete in the same class at the Nationals. So winnning a regional kata class does not mean that individual can automatically enter a kumite class at the Nationals … unless of course they also won a kumite class as well.
• Competitors are limited to the performing the katas appropriate for their grade. They cannot perform a higher kata.
• Team kata members must be within a range of three grades of each other (inclusive). So a team comprising of a 3rd, 4th and 5th Kyus would be acceptable. A team of 3rd, 4th and 6th Kyus would not. The lowest grade determines the highest kata they can perform.
• The oldets team member determines whether the team competes in the junior or cadet sections.
• A competitor cannot compete in more than one team on the day.
• Junior competitors must be less than 15 years of age on the day of the competition.
• Cadet competitors must be aged 15, 16 or 17 years of age on the day of the competition.
• The adult competition is open to any EGKA member aged 18 or over on the day of the competition.
• For sparring, gloves and shin guards are compulsory. Gum shields, groin boxes, breast protectors and helmets are recommended, but remain optional.
• By entering, competitors acknowledge the possibility they may sustain personal injury from participation in their events. Qualified first aid will be present throughout the event and if following an injury, competitors or their guardians choose to ignore the medical advice given, they will not hold the EGKA, individual officials, first aiders responsible for any consequences of their decision not to follow that advice.
• By entering, competitors agree and consent that any pictures or videos taken of them in connection with the competition may be used by the EGKA, at their sole discretion, for any purpose, without notification and/or compensation to the competitors appearing in those pictures or videos.
• The decision of the match officials is final. Any dissension may result in immediate disqualification and exclusion from the rest of the competition.

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