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EGKA National Championships

We look forward to welcoming you to the EGKA National Championships to be held again in the Stratford Leisure Centre.

Entry to the competition is FREE and by qualification from one of the regional competitions run in April 2013.


Click here to view a list of competitors who have qualified for the Nationals this year. Those individual names highlighted in red have already won their way through to the Quarter Finals for their class. To read the competition rules and to understand how the competition will be run, please see below. This list may be subject to change as any administrative errors are sorted out.

Competition Timetable: Sunday, 19th May 2013

Registration: 09:00 to 9:30

Adult kata/kumite 09:30 Junior/cadet kata 10:00 Junior/cadet team kata 12:30 Junior/cadet kumite 14:00

We stress these times are given as a guide only. Competitors must register first thing in the morning from 09:00 and assume sole responsibility for making sure they do not miss their call to compete on the mats later in the day. We intend to start with the youngest classes for 9th to 7th Kyu grades immediately after running the smaller adult competition first.  We shall then work our way up through the grades.

All competitors must arrive on the day with a completed Competitor´s Passport

The help make sure the day runs smoothly, this year we are insisting ALL competitors (adult, cadet, and junior) must carry what we are calling a "Competitor´s Passport". You can download the Passport by clicking here. It is a simple form consisting of three parts requiring you to write in your name, dojo, EGKA membership details, and the classes you wish to enter. You will hand in each part of the form as follows:
                  1. Registration Slip: To the officials on the Registration Desk open from 09:00 - 09:30                2. Individual Kata Slip: To the official on the mat as they call your name to prepare for the kata class                3. Individual Kumite Slip: To the official on the mat as they call your name to prepare for the kumite class

The Passport Slip will be used by the officials on each mat to organise the play off for the remaining two places left in the quarter finals of each class (the other 6 places having been pre-allocated to the gold/silver winners of the regionals).

We are making a very simple request of competitors to help us by completing and handing in legible passport slips at the appropriate time during the competition. Doing so will make the complex task of managing the draw for each class that much easier for all concerned.

The registration desk will only carry a few spare blank passports for the odd person who forgets to bring their copy. So please make sure you bring your own passport form with a few spares just in case you lose one during the day.


Main Hall                     Stratford Leisure Centre                     Bridgefoot Stratford Upon Avon CV37 6YY

We have ordered 250 chairs for spectators.            Refreshments are available from a small cafe in reception, but you are advised to bring your own drinks and snacks as well.            We are located right in the centre of Stratford. So there are plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants close by.

New for 2013. The Centre will be running a dedicated BBQ for the EGKA just outside the main hall for spectators, competitors and helpers to purchase refreshments and food.

How the competition is being organised this year

For insurance purposes, only competitors who are fully paid-up and licensed members of the EGKA on the day of the Nationals can participate in the competition. If your EGKA membership has lapsed for any reason you should not participate.

Anyone who won a 1st or 2nd place in the regional individual kata and kumite competitions automatically wins their place in the quarter finals of their class. With three regions this means six of the eight quarter final places will be taken. The remaining two places can be won through the fight-off to be run on the day of the Nationals.

Any listed qualifier from the regional kata, kumite or team kata competitions who matches the criteria of age and grade (and height in kumite) can enter the fight-off to decide who wins one of the two remaining places in each individual kata or kumite quarter final class.

The fight-off to decide the final two places in the kata quarter finals will be run using flags on a straight knock-out basis. The quarter finals will then be run on a point scoring system.

Owing to the large number of entries in some regional classes, it was decided to split the competitors into sub groups which have all qualified for the Nationals. We may need to run separate knock-out competition for these sub-groups to identify the two regional seeded places for the quarter finals of the relevant classes. A decision will be made on the day about what needs to be done.

Competition Classes:


  • Kata Classes will be of mixed sexes and be divided by grade as follows:   - 1. 10th to 7th Kyu   - 2. 6th to 4th Kyu   - 3. 3rd to 1st Kyu   - 4. Black Belts
  • The grade kata classes will in turn be divided into sub-classes according to the following age bands:              - Below the age of 9 years              - 9 to 11 years              - 12 to 14 years              - 15 to 17 years (cadets)              - Above 18 years (adults)
  • Required katas               - 1. 10th to 7th Kyu   [Kata 1: Gekisai Dai Ichi; Katas 2 & 3: Gekisai Dai Ni (or repeat Dai Ichi)]   - 2. 6th to 4th Kyu   [Kata 1: Gekiasai Dai Ni; Kata 2: Saifa (or repeat Dai Ni); Kata 3: Any]   - 3. 3rd to 1st Kyu   [Kata 1: Saifa; Kata 2: Seiyunchin; Kata 3: Any]   - 4. Black Belts   [Kata 1: Seiyunchin; Kata 2: Shisochin; Kata 3: Any]
  • The table above indicates which kata the competitors must perform for the first and second rounds. The competitors in the 9th to 7th Kyu class can repeat Dai Ichi if they don´t know Dai Ni. In the 6th to 4th Kyu group, 6th kyus can repeat Gekisai Dai Ni if they don´t know Saifa well enough. Competitors can repeat or choose a higher or lower kata if they reach the third round.
  • Kumite Classes will be divided by grade as follows:   - 1. 10th to 7th Kyu   - 2. 6th to 4th Kyu   - 3. 3rd to 1st Kyu   - 4. Black Belts
  • The grade kata classes will in turn be divided into sub-classes according to the following age bands:              - Below the age of 9 years              - 9 to 11 years              - 12 to 14 years              - 15 to 17 years (cadets)              - Above 18 years (adults)
  • We reserve the right to re-categorise entrants to different classes according to the mix of sex, grades, height or weight and ages of the entrants we receive. Entrants under the age of 8 years will be entered into mixed sex kumite classes.
  • Substitutions?: For the moment we are taking the view that the only people who can attend the Nationals and participate in the competition are those named on the published qualifying list above. It is inevitable that some team kata teams will find one of their members are unable to attend the Nationals. We will accept the substitution of one team member, provided that person fits the same class criteria ... AND they are drawn from the existing pool of published qualifiers for that dojo. If those conditions can´t be met the team will have to withdraw from the team kata competition. The reason why we are reluctant to consider the alternative approach of allowing a completely new team kata competitor into the mix is it dilutes the value of qualifying in the first place. We believe it will open the floodgates by allowing too many students to get into the Nationals through the back door.
  • All sparing will be scored on a ‘Point Sparring’ basis, the exception being adult black belts who will use ‘Iri-Kumi’.
  • For sparring, gloves and shin guards are compulsory. Gum shields, groin boxes, and breast protectors remain optional.
  • We shall adhere to IOGKF competition rules throughout the competition.
  • By entering, competitors acknowledge the possibility that they may sustain personal injury from participation in the competition. Qualified first aid will be present throughout the event and if following an injury, competitors or their guardians choose to ignore the medical advice given, they will not hold the EGKA, individual officials, first aiders responsible for any consequences of their decision not to follow the advice given.
  • By entering, competitors agree and consent that any pictures or videos taken of them in connection with the competition may be used by the EGKA, at their sole discretion, for any reasonable promotional purpose, without notification and/or remuneration to the individuals appearing in those pictures or videos.
  • With the Safe Guarding Regulations in mind, we will presume that no parents will object to other unofficial people taking photographs or videos during the course of the competition. We will ask formally at the start of the competition to discover if any parents do object. If there is an objection we will have to observe that request. Can we also please ask those taking pictures to switch off their flash and video lights. It doesn´t make any difference to the quality of the pictures in the hall, and only serves to distract the competitors when they are on the mats competing.
  • Only trophies or medals for first, second and third places will be awarded.
  • The decision of the match officials is final. Any dissension may result in immediate disqualification and exclusion from the rest of the competition.

Hotels near to Stratford Leisure Centre

  • Holiday Inn, Bridgefoot, Stratford, CV37 6YR. Tel: 0871 423 4879
  • Premier Inn, Peyton Street, Stratford, CV37 6UQ. Tel: 0871 527 9282
  • Best Western Grosvenor Hotel, Warwick Rd, Stratford, CV37 6YT. Tel: 01789 269213
  • Mecure Shakespeare Stratford Hotel, Chapel St, Stratford, CV37 6ER. Tel: 01789 294997

All hotels are within easy walking distance of the Leisure Centre.

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